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Navigating The Instagram Account Center

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

So What Exactly is the Instagram Account Center?

Together with the updated Direct, the Account Center was invented, which spawned many questions, and some even had problems with starting targeted ads on Instagram.

Account Center is a new section where you can link your Facebook account to your Instagram account and manage cross-service functionality. Some of the functions from the new section have already been implemented in one form or another, but now everything is in one place.

After adding accounts, it becomes possible to enable / disable cross-service functions that allow to:

  • Share posts and stories from Instagram to Facebook.

  • Log in to Instagram account via Facebook and vice versa.

  • Synchronize name and avatar between two social networks. The name and photo on Instagram will become like on Facebook.

These features are disabled by default and should be enabled manually. Therefore, you should not be afraid that your content will start being published on FB without you knowing. It is worth noting that the function of synchronizing the name and the photo is currently not working, though it was announced.

As you can see, Instagram does not mention anything about the connection of the Account Center and ads managing. Therefore, if you have any issues launching ads directly on Instagram, study the help page on this topic. You can read more about the Account Center in the help center of Instagram.


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