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Affordable SEO Services for

Small Businesses

People have a problem and YOU are the solution, but what if they can’t find you?


That’s where OVERSOUL comes in. 71% of business purchases start with a search engine.


SEO Audit

We can provide an overall look into how your website is performing on search engines through analytics, an on-site overview and an off-site overview.


Competitive Analysis

Want a look into how your competitors are ranking on search engine results pages? Want to know what keywords they are dominating and where your website is besting the competition? OverSoul Media Group can provide an in depth analysis on how your SEO is looking next to your competition.


Technical SEO

We will do a comprehensive technical SEO audit of your website’s health and report back any technical issues with your site that may be making it difficult for search engines to crawl and ruining the user experience of the site which can result in lower rankings.


Keyword Research

Researching and determining the best keywords to focus on is important to every SEO strategy. Are you ranking for what your customers are actually looking for? We can find out and provide the best keywords for your site to optimize for.


On-Site Optimization

Once we have the proper keywords ready to go, we can make sure your site is optimizing for those keywords in the best way possible throughout the site. We will also provide strategies around internal linking, metadata optimization, content creation, landing page optimization and more!


Off-Site Optimization

One of the most important things Google looks at when ranking a website is the links that lead to that website from relevant outside sources. We will do a full analysis of your company’s backlink profile and provide a strategy for gaining quality links from qualified sites that will increase the domain authority of your website.



Reporting on all SEO factors, technical SEO, on-site SEO, off-site SEO as well as traffic reporting can be provided on a monthly and/or quarterly basis and an in-depth analysis of these reports will be used to update the SEO strategy for your company.


*SEO packages for small businesses start as low as $250 per month. We will work with you and your budget, contact us. We specialize in combining media production, branding, marketing services & advertising consulting.

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